Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The country extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north to the Arctic and south to the USA border. This border is the longest border with any country in the world.

Most people in Canada speak English and are of European decent. There is also a significant Asian population. In Quebec, there is a huge French influence with French the official language. Canada also has a number of indigenous peoples including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. These cultures are considered an important part of Canada today and add to Canada's unique and rich heritage.

The landscapes in Canada are diverse. Huge eastern plains give way to high mountain ranges, and a huge expanse of forests which give way to northern tundra. Canada also has some of the most livable cities in the world, such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. This is in stark contrast to north where the population is extremely sparse and large areas of wilderness exist.

Canada is the second biggest country in area in the world. It has landscapes that range from high mountainous terrain to extensive plains called prairies. There are huge tracts of forest and tundra areas in the north.


Top 5 cities to visit

  1. Vancouver: the only west coast city. It is often considered the most livable city in the world. With mountains, beaches, parks, and a good sized urban area, this city has it all.
  2. Toronto: the biggest city in Canada and one of the main urban centres of North America. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city is home to tall skyscrapers including the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere.
  3. Montreal: a true bilingual city that is famous for its food, festivals, and parks. The city also offers whale-watching cruises.
  4. Calgary: a prairie city made rich with oil money. Think of it as a colder smaller Dubai. It is located near scenic landscapes within the Rockies mountain range.
  5. Ottawa: the capital city is also a bilingual city. Located on the Ottawa River, it is a gateway to Niagra Falls.

Top 10 natural sites

  • Algonquin Park is one of the most popular provincial parks in Canada. It has thousands of lakes and thousands of kms of rivers and streams. The surrounding trees are best viewed in Autumn where they display colours from reds to golden hues.
  • Banff National Park is the oldest national park in the country. Famous for Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks, this is perhaps the greatest scenic site in the whole country.
  • Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia contains five reserves and spectacular coastal scenery in one of the best coastal drives anywhere.
  • Jasper National Park located in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta is a large park containing rugged mountains, glaciers, lakes, hot springs, and abundant wildlife. It is the source of a number of prominent Canadian rivers.
  • Niagara Falls lie on the border of Canada and the USA . Consisting of 3 falls, the largest being Horseshoe Falls resides on the Canadian side.
  • Bay of Fundy is a bay with the highest tidal range in the world. It contains many spectacular eroded rock formations in its coast. It was a finalist for the New 7 Wonders of Nature contest.
  • Terra Nova National Park iin Eastern Newfoundland has long fractured waterways from the Atlantic Ocean that cut through inland boreal forests.
  • The Interlake Area of Manitoba is a scenic area of lakes, rivers, beaches, and small settlements. It is a popular area for swimming, boating, and fishing.
  • Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta contains majestic mountain scenery, glaciers, prairie, forest, and wild animals. It adjoins Glacier National Park in Montana USA. and together this area is world's first UNESCO International Peace Park.
  • Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies has steep rockwalls, high waterfalls, and tall peaks. Located in southeastern British Columbia, it sits between two other magnificent parks, Kootenay National Park and Banff National Park.

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