North America is the world's third largest continent. It encompasses the nations of the western hemisphere that include Canada and the USA with the latter encompassing Alaska and Hawaii. Below the USA is Mexico with a number of smaller countries between Mexico down to Panama. North America also includes the island nations of the Caribbean. The USA and Canada's early immigration came mainly Europe including England and Ireland. English is the official language and Spanish is widely spoken in the USA due to recent immigration from Latin American countries. Spanish is the official language of Mexico down to Panama. The Caribbean mostly speak Spanish, while some places English is the preferred language. North America sits between the two biggest oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific. The Arctic Ocean lies to the north of Canada and Alaska. It also contains the world's largest fresh water reserve in the Great Lakes. This continent passes through a wide array of climates and landscapes from northern tundra to tropical rainforests. It between are deserts, wetlands, mountains, and plains.

Both Canada and the USA have first world economies and large industrialised cities, while the rest of the continent has a mixture of modern and outmoded industry.

Top 10 cities to visit

Top natural sites

  • The Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in Arizona, it attracts visitors from all over the world. It is a huge canyon that leaves visitor awestruck at its scale and beauty.
  • The Caribbean, which includes many tropical islands with stunning beaches, luxury resorts, and great diving.
  • The Belize Barrier Reef in southern Mexico also extends into South America. This reef is the biggest outside the Coral Sea in Australia. It has stunning coral formations, a myriad of colourful fish species, and warm clear water making it ideal for diving.
  • Alaska state is separated from the rest of the USA by Canada, it is absolutely huge and considered the final frontier of the USA. It contains spectacular landscapes, glaciers, and has the top 10 highest peaks in North America.
  • The Rocky Mountains (the Rockies) which stretch more than 4,830 km (3,000 miles) through Canada and the USA.

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