Geographic.Media is a site that contains content of a geographic nature for the purpose of helping you learn about our amazing planet, nature, countries, and people. The site mostly consists of professional quality photos, videos, and educational maps embedded in articles that are organized by location.

Sharing our content is free

Geographic.Media is a useful repository of content that is free to use and and share without permission. We only require you to link to our site or page from where the content originates if you use any of the photos, videos, or maps on another site or project. You are also free to link our content in social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Use our content in your school projects

Our content is useful for educational purposes and is used by schools and other educational organizations. Teachers, pupils, and authors of teaching material can share the photos, videos, maps, as well as our articles n websites, digital presentations, teaching material, and student’s homework. You can save our images or use the provided code below each photo, video, map that allows you to easily embed the content into any school website or projects. If you use any of our content in an offline project such as text book or homework, we only require that you attribute the content to Geographic.Media and provide our web address within your project.

Share our quality photos in your projects

If you want to use our photos, then you can save them and use them on your own server. You can also link directly to our server. In all instances, you must leave our domain name attribute in the photo. This is usually found in the bottom-left of our photos.

NOTE: We reserve the right remove any links or permissions to our content at any time. We will only ever enact this in cases of server or copyright abuses.

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