The suburb of La Merced in Bogota Colombia is located between La Septima (a main thoroughfare) and Parque Nacional. The suburb looks and feels like a high-class neighbourhood in London which comes as no surprise since the homes here were built to accomodate executives of British Petroleum (BP) back in the 1930s and 40s. While most of the homes today are used for offices, private universities, and restaurants, there are still a minority that are used as homes.

The adjacent Parque Nacional (Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park) is a national monument of Colombia that was created in 1934. This historical park commemorates the fourth centenary of the city. The then president, Enrique Olaya Herrera attended its inauguration and was one of the main promoters of the park. Hence his name is included in the full name of the park.

Also near the suburb of La Merced is the Gold Museum on La Septima. This museum is a must see attraction of Bogota.

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