Iguazu Falls are located in Misiones Province of Argentina and Paraná State in Brazil. Paraguay is also very close.

Encompassed in Iguazú National Park, this protected area consists of the finest waterfall system on Earth, sub-tropical rainforest, and a rich variety of animal species. Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, each country gets a unique view of the falls. Brazil offers the best panoramic view while Argentina gets you up close to most of the individual cataracts (falls). Seeing both sides is recommended though and can be easily organised with a day tour that handily takes care of the one day visa required to cross the border. Some tours also offer an evening meal at the end of the tour.

Both countries have a series of boardwalks, tracks, and concrete paths that take you to cataracts with viewing platforms looking over the edge. Argentina's circuit gets you to each cataract and also through jungle terrain onroute, while the Brazil side has one main path above the river that follows the river below the falls, providing extensive views. The most spectacular part is the boardwalk that leads near Union Fall, the largest cataract on the Argentina side. From the observation platform at Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), the view will leave you spell bound. You will leave knowing that you have seen one of the most spectacular sights on the planet.

The surrounding jungle is host to many unique plants and animals. There is a rich diversity of colourful butterflies and birds that are easily seen as you walk around the park. The coatí, a South American mammal from the same genus as the raccoon are common. They hang around the walking trails looking for food. Rare and threatened species in the park include: anteater, caiman, eagles, jaguar, jaguarundi, ocelot, tapir, toucan, and tirica. There is jungle tour that goes along the old and disused road to the falls, but in our experience, the tour is not worth doing as you end up seeing less animals than you do when visiting the falls themselves.

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