Of the outlying coral cays from Tongatapu Island, the most scenic is Fafa Island. It is a mere 30 minutes by motor boat from Nuku’alofa. Fafa is surrounded by a coral reef which ensures good diving and safe swimming. The beaches are superb and the water is crystal clear. The island has a forested interior and has a 30-minute loop walk that takes you out to different parts of the coast. Parts of the coast are submerged at high tide and the hide-tide mark submerges some beaches and goes a fair distance inland at one low lying part of the island. So while it is possible to walk around the island, this cannot be done at high tide.

There are no settlements on the island, but there is a good resort called 'Fafa Island Resort'. It is eco-friendly and made from local materials and offers a good standard of accommodation and food. Day visitors to the island can come here on organised tours that includes return transport to the island and meals at the resort.

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