Grampians National Park in Victoria Australia is a group of ranges that are considered the southern end of the Great Dividing Range even though it is not contiguous. The park is listed on the Australian National Heritage List for its natural beauty and indigenous rock art. The Grampians as it is commonly known is a series of spectacular sandstone ridges where the sedimentary layers have been tilted creating steep, even vertical rock faces. consequently it is a popular rock climbing destination.

Halls Creek located inside the park is a small settlement that caters for travellers who visit the park. There are a number of accommodation options and small shops as well as a visitors centre.

There are many trails in the park. Some providing scenic vistas of the park and outlying plains. Others walks take you to waterfalls such as Mackenzies Falls and Silverband Falls. The most popular walk is in the Wonderland area which takes you through a series of tight sandstone canyons. If you continue further on this trail you will arrive at the Pinnacle, where you will be rewarded with outstanding views of the park. Some of the best lookout platforms can be reached by road such as the Balconies Lookout, Boroka Lookout, and Rieds Lookout. About 70% of Aboriginal Art sites in the state of Victoria are found here. Public access sites include: Gulgurn Manja and Ngamadjidj.

The park is home to many animal species including: corellas, pink and white cockatoos, colourful rosellas, and the famous kookaburra. Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and emus are found throughout the park.

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