Australia is a haven for birds. So prolific are birds here that Portuguese explorers bestowed the name ‘Land of parrots’ for Australia on a 1564 New World Map. Today, the Australian continent and outlying islands contain around 800 bird species, with about half being endemic.

While parrots are the dominant bird kind and come in all sizes, shapes, and colours, there is also has a huge variety of other bird species. Notable birds include the Emu and Cassowary which are the second and third tallest birds in the world, the laughing Kookaburra which is known for its loud laughing call, and the amazing Lyrebird which can mimic just about any sound it hears including other bird calls including a perfect rendition of the Kookaburra call, as well as other sounds like car alarms and chainsaws.
See a video showing the wide vocalization of the Lyre Bird.

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